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Group Workout Collection

At Striders Personal Training, we’ve developed a 1st class Group Workout Collection to get you results – FAST! We stopped at nothing when designing our Collection. From heart-pumping sessions to get your body torching fat, workouts that strengthen your heart and lungs for proper long-term health, right down to muscle toning that is fantastic for building strong bones. This is all done in the comfort of a private studio and with our supportive, family style culture that is sure to have you loving every second. We keep our workouts concise so that you can get back to the things in life that really matter!


Pulse sessions are scientifically designed to get you maximum results – fast! Through creative workouts, we’ll keep you on your toes as you charge towards results you never thought possible. Each session has a unique focus that will have your pulse pumping, while utilising proven fat burning methods. When it’s all over and done, you’ll be cruising on an endorphin rush and burning fat for up 48 hours after your workout!


Alpha is the original, high intensity session with only a small break to catch your breath. With this pulse-pumping workout, your body will be crushing calories for hours to come. Alpha is the perfect workout that is effective for every ability level, and sure to have you burning fat and building your fit-ness.


Pyramid will have you ramping up as you ascend, before tapering off on your descent. With a thrilling mix of endurance and speed, this Pyramid of madness will keep your body guessing as it calls on every last energy store.


Ladders brings speed and agility to the foreground of the workout. This fast-paced session keeps you on your toes the whole time. Lace-up! This one will raise your heart rate to all new heights and have your lungs working overtime.


Get ready for a power Surge! Your endorphins will be running wild with this short, sharp and explosive session. Surge lets you go all out in a complete assault on your fat stores. Better come prepared, this is going to be some serious action.


Our Endure range is designed to test and dramatically improve your stamina – both physically and mentally. With longer periods of work, your calorie burn will soar while condition your aerobic system. These sessions aren’t just great for dropping fat and feeling fitter… they’re crucial for your overall health. Our Endure session are far from your regular run on a treadmill, they’re full of surprises that will keep you engaged the whole time!


Anchored is designed to transform your midsection into a tight, powerful area of stability and strength. Anchored utilises all 3 planes of movement to develop a sturdy and athletic core that will give the support you need to withstand any test.


Rebound takes variety to the next level. This session will slingshot you between exercises in a mad rush. After blasting your muscular endurance, you’ll leave with a sweat on and nothing left in the tank. Your entire body will be challenged and taken to its limits.


Switch won’t let your body get too cozy. This workout will test your endurance, before quickly spinning you off into the next challenge. If you love to have your workout spiced up with rapid changes, then Switch is the perfect workout for you.


Lift sessions are a beautiful alternative to the traditional cardio style. Each session involves weight bearing exercises that will tone muscle, build strength and solidify bone density. As the weights are adjustable, these carefully structured workouts will suit you no matter what level you’re starting from. Under the guidance from our incredibly knowledgeable Personal Trainers, you’ll feel confident and safe while increasing your muscle tone which will intern boost your metabolic rate!


Elite will blast your muscles with fatigue, and right when you think it’s over the muscle burn gets kicked up another notch. Elite is full-on and will take your muscles to the edge, giving your entire body an incredible toning session.


Pinpoint is the isolated toning session you’ve been looking for. This unique workout brings out specific exercises that work solely on sculpting your muscles. After you’ve done a Pinpoint session, you’ll be feeling muscles you didn’t know you had.

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