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Group Workout Collection

At Striders Personal Training, we’ve developed a 1st class Group Workout Collection to get you results – FAST! We stopped at nothing when designing our Collection. From heart-pumping sessions to get your body torching fat, workouts that strengthen your heart and lungs for proper long-term health, right down to muscle toning that is fantastic for building strong bones. This is all done in the comfort of a private studio and with our supportive, family style culture that is sure to have you loving every second. We keep our workouts concise so that you can get back to the things in life that really matter!


Increasing muscle tone and definition is the mission for Sculpt. With weight-based exercises that are designed to challenge both Strength and Muscular Endurance, Sculpt will have your muscles looking their best, all while bumping up the heart rate for an extended calorie burn.


Need help shaping your Abs, Glutes and Legs? Shape has you covered! Combining high reps and big volume is the best way to trim and tone those stubborn areas. Shape will help you discover a plethora of creative exercises to break the sit-up and squat routine.


Shred is High Intensity Interval Training at its best! Utilising a variety of modes, Shred will crank up the heart rate, burn incredible numbers of calories and continue torching fat long after the workout is done because of the EPOC effect.


Bootcamp is a complete shake up of the cardio you are used to. From runs and carries, to weights and wall squats, get ready for heart pumping action that will have you sweating! These sessions are designed for those that aren’t afraid to git their teeth and push through the pain.


Speed is where the rubber meets the road! With a fantastic mix of sprints, endurance, inclines and full body high intensity exercises. Speed is excellent for those looking to boost their running and lung capacity, all in a way that prevents the body from producing fat storing hormones that regular running would.


Steady will keep the calories burning in a low-impact way. This is a well rounded session, designed to be perfect for those looking to just get started or those with injuries. Make no mistake, Steady can still be a supercharged workout for those willing to push themselves.


BoxStep is our signature combination of Boxing and Aerobic Step work that is designed to focus on speed, strength and core control. Partnering up is the perfect way to improve coordination while blowing off some steam.

Stride Club

Get social with Stride Club. A brisk walk is an excellent way to increase your calorie burn, stretch the muscles and chat to likeminded people.

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