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  • I am so thankful to my Trainer and Striders. I have so much more energy and now enjoy being outdoors more!*

    Dave Williams, down 27 kg
  • A friend recommended I train at Striders as she was very happy with the results they got for her. I've now lost 27 kg and I've never felt this happy!*

    Dave Williams, down 27 kg

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Supplement your personal training sessions with our fun, dynamic and motivating group fitness classes. They’re fantastic value for money, and are kept small so that you aren’t just a number. Each week we offer everything from boxing to weight classes, circuit training, cardio burn and more.

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  • Time to make a change

    I’ve never been this toned

    “I joined Striders Personal Training after seeing my daughter and her partner lose weight there. Being 55 years old, I thought I well and truly missed the opportunity to make that happen but thought I’d at least train to improve my health. I’m now 13 kg down and have never been this toned in all my life.*”

    Cathy Walsh, down 13 kg

  • Achieve your goals

    Customised training to your capabilities

    “I told Bernie what I wanted to do and what my goals are (to play paintball again fully). In 4 months he has gotten me on my way back to where I need to be. I’m now 9.3 kg down, but more importantly I’m strengthening the muscles I need to get back to playing fully again.*”

    Mark Daly, down 9.3 kg

  • Reclaim your fitness

    I said "good bye" to difficult weight!

    “Thanks to Striders Personal Training, I was able to lose 7 kg that I gained during pregnancy. I’ve lost weight in the past, but this recent weight gain was beyond difficult to budge. I just could not have done it without the advice and ongoing support of the Striders team.*”

    Julie Robinson, down 7 kg

Cardio Burn

Just starting out on your weight loss journey and not sure about our other classes? We recommend giving Cardio Burn a try. A low intensity cardio workout that gets the body moving and heading in the right direction.


Get the heart rate cranking and burn those calories in our high intensity cardio class, Chaos! Yes, you will feel it, but once the class is over you will wonder what all the fuss was about! Just focus on the new you and all will be good.

Combat Carl

Troops, prepare yourselves as the three worlds of martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular exercise have melded into one to become Combat Carl! This non contact class gives everyone the chance to embrace their inner Jackie Chan and have a bit of fun!


Step in, glove up and get ready for a fun filled workout! BoxStep is our ever popular group class that helps build strength, coordination and gets the heart rate going! Just try to hold back the laughter as you step and box your way through this class. Bonus points for completing the challenge at the end!


Start your day on the right foot – Boot Camp – the Striders way! Head outdoors for our 30 minjute high intensity interval training session, a whole body workout in just one class. Leave your fears at home, but come prepared to give it your all. Will you take on the ultimate challenge?

Tums & Bums

So many people wish they had better looking tums and bums, the perfect reason to make this class part of your regular workout routine. Whilst you are blasting away excess body fat, you can be conditioning your abs and glutes at the same time. Don’t just dream it, make it happen!

Stride Club

Never underestimate the benefits of a brisk walk to start the day! Great for the mind, body, and soul, a chance to enjoy our natural surrounds. Why not join us for Stride Club and get added benefit of catching up and having a chat with your fellow Striders?


Take your cardio training to the next level with Turbo! We combine small weights and higher reps in a fast paced workout to get those larger muscles firing! More burn for your buck in this class which leads to great results.



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