Your Success Stories

Your Success Stories

  • I‘m 27 kg down and I can’t believe that I’m still kicking goals, thanks to my trainer! In a million years, I never thought that this would ever be possible for me to achieve.*

    Robert, down 27 kg
  • I have only just recently been able to wear my wedding and engagement rings again after nearly 7 years. Tears are in my eyes as they are back where they belong and not on a chain around my neck!*

    Jocelyn Bagdonas, down 15 kg
  • I am so thankful to my Trainer and Striders. I have so much more energy and now enjoy being outdoors more!*

    Dave Williams, down 27 kg
  • Since joining Striders I have lost a staggering 25 kg and I’m so excited with my improved level of health. My new found energy even allows me to participate in the activities that I love doing!*

    John, down 25 kg
  • A friend recommended I train at Striders as she was very happy with the results they got for her. I've now lost 27 kg and I've never felt this happy!*

    Dave Williams, down 27 kg

Debbie, down 35 kg

Striders Have Reignited My Love For The Gym

“Before joining Striders, I was hesitant, scared and doubtful that this would work for me, but thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Prior to joining, I had been eating well and working out a few times a week but just couldn’t see the results, which was making it real hard to remain motivated. It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it was going to be and…”*




“Not only have I seen a reduction on the scales and a massive change in my measurements, training at Striders has reignited my love for the gym. I feel so supported by not only the trainers, but also the other people who train there. It’s an extended support network and family of people who genuinely care about each other. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for the body transformation Striders has helped me achieve.”*




Jocelyn, down 15 kg

Tears of joy

When Jocelyn first joined Striders, she had one clear goal: to become a happier and healthier version of herself. Like most of our clients, she wanted to make a positive change in her life and improve her overall happiness and wellbeing.

“I would like to thank the Striders team for putting me on track to reaching my goals of being a healthier and happier me. To date, I have been tackling each goal one step at a time, and I have lost 15 kg and nearly reached my overall goal.”*

My gratitude and happiness are bursting at the seams!

One of the biggest goals that Jocelyn wanted to achieve was to be able to wear her engagement, eternity and wedding rings again. She worked tirelessly, training hard every session, pushing herself to reach her ultimate goal.

“I have only just recently been able to wear my wedding ring again after nearly seven years. Tonight, I was able to comfortably put my engagement and eternity rings back on too. Tears are in my eyes as they are back where they belong and not on a chain around my neck! My gratitude and happiness are bursting at the seams. It has now made me more determined and focused as ever!”*

I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good in a long time … Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement, it means more than you know. *



John, down 25 kg

Part of a big family

Like many newcomers to personal training, John was afraid of taking the first step. He was terrified of gyms and wasn’t sure if personal training would suit his personality or interests.

  • “I used to be terrified of the whole Gym Scene and Personal Training. But then I discovered Striders Personal Training Lawnton. I was scared at first, but I knew that I needed to take that first step. That was over two years ago, and I have gone from almost 120 kg to around 90 kg, and have enjoyed every moment of the journey.”*

Once John walked in our doors and realised that the image in his mind didn’t match the Strider’s philosophy, he never looked back.

I think of every one of them as family

  • “The team of Trainers and staff at Striders are all so wonderful and supportive, that I just felt like part of a big family, and now I think of every one of them as family. I still go three nights a week, because now I am toning up and building muscle. I have never felt this healthy or good about myself as I do right now.”*

  • I have no hesitation in recommending Striders to everyone out there who wants to change their lives, just like me. The Striders family take great pride and care in what they do, and I would like to say a big thank you to them all for saving my life.*



Katrina, down 20 kg

A lifestyle change

For most of her life, Katrina struggled with her weight. She had joined gyms before, but never had the motivation or support to stick with it. She even tried fad diets, but kept putting the weight back on. No matter what she did, she just couldn’t seem to find a way to break out of her vicious ‘seesawing’ cycle.

“I have always struggled with seesawing weight. In the past, I have joined gyms, but lacked the motivation to go and I’ve tried many fad diets but have always put the weight back on. This is a vicious cycle that I have battled with for most of my life, until I was introduced to Striders.”*

It’s no longer a hobby but a lifestyle change.

“I joined Striders a little over two years ago, and my life has never been the same. With the help of their friendly and supportive personal trainers I have shed a huge 20 kg, achieved my weight goal and for the first time in my life, I have kept it off!”*

Striders has become a second home. It’s no longer a hobby but a lifestyle change. If I miss a day at Striders, I feel like the day has been wasted.*




Peta, down 30 kg

The sky’s the limit

At the age of 53, after two hip replacements, Peta was facing the looming probability of knee replacements. It was a scary thought – knee replacements can put you out of the game for a long time and the recovery period is often very difficult on your friends and family. Peta was not looking forward to it. So, she joined Striders.

  • “I started training with Striders in July, and ten months later I have my life back. And knee replacements are no longer something I ever think about! I am 30 kgs lighter, much stronger and fitter, and definitely much happier than I have been in many years.”*

I know I will achieve all my fitness goals!

  • “I cannot recommend Striders highly enough. My trainer has literally turned my life around. His positive, never say never attitude is highly motivating, and he now has me believing that “the sky’s the limit”. With his help I know I WILL achieve all my fitness goals, and that is beyond exciting!”*

  • Training at Striders has truly been one of the highlights of my life, and something I will forever be grateful for.*



Bob, down 10 kg

It’s a Very Welcoming Environment

When Bob first came to us, his aim – having turned 60 – was to get fitter and stronger as he knew how important it was to his future good health. Being a very tall person, he wanted to keep his core strong to support his frame.

“I originally started at just one session per week and thought that I could improve doing this and a couple of sessions a week on my home gym. Wrong! I needed the experienced guidance of the Striders’ team to guide me down the right track and help me stay there.”*


“I do not consider myself a gym junkie, but I now do three sessions a week and have used the space at home since I removed the gym equipment. I am so much fitter and stronger since joining Striders, and if you’re wanting to improve your fitness (however you might define that), I strongly recommend you book an appointment. I have never regretted my decision to join Striders Personal Training, Lawnton.”*



Aimee, down 15kg

I feel amazing

  • “I have always been overweight, I’ve joined the gyms and done the 12 week challenges but never been able to keep the weight off so 12 months ago after deciding enough was enough I joined Striders and I’ve never looked back.”*


  • “I never thought I’d be the type of person to say that I love going to PT and doing exercise but I do and that’s because of the fantastic team at Striders. So it’s a big thankyou to you guys!”*


  • With their positive and never give up attitude, not only have Striders helped me lose almost 15 kg but they’ve changed the way I look at exercise and my attitude to food.*



Jon, Down 25kg

Fitter and Stronger

  • “I was stuck in an unmotivational headspace of “I need to do something” & “I’ll start tomorrow’s!”*

  • “Then my wife got me a gift certificate for Striders, which I accepted gratefully, but presumed wouldn’t be the answer to my problems…it’s too expensive to go to a PT, right?”*

  • “Wrong…I’m the fittest I’ve been in 20yrs and possibly the strongest I’ve ever been. The price is extremely doable, the environment is friendly and family oriented and the support is unparalleled.”*

    With the help of Striders I’ve lost an impressive 25kg!


I’m not sure where I’d be today without Striders, but I know where I am with them…Much fitter, much healthier and my family life and work life are much better for the increased energy and vitality I have.*





Mark, down 9.3 kg

I Truly Believe in Striders

  • “Most people should know I don’t endorse a product unless I truly believe in the product. I’ve been using the services of Striders Personal Training and they are fantastic. They customise to your capabilities, fitness level, and goals.”*

I Would Definitely Recommend These Guys

  • “I told Bernie I had knee issues and needed to strengthen and improve this area so that it would be possible to get back to playing fully again. I’m now 9.3kg down and have played in the NXL Australia event, the largest paintball tournament series in Australia, walking away with 3rd placing.”*

  • The knowledge Bernie and the other trainers have is spot on. They are a family run business with a great, friendly atmosphere. I strongly recommend anyone wanting to trim down, get fitter, or stronger to contacted Striders Personal Training. Thank you for getting me back on the field again.*



Anthony, down 30 kg

had to change

Before he came to Striders, Anthony was struggling with a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits and inactivity. His poor choices had lead to morbid obesity, a lack of confidence, constant social rejection and a burden of worry for his family.

“I walked past the Striders studio many times, I was overcome with fear, I thought I wouldn’t fit in, I couldn’t exercise, and my preconceived ideas of personal training were that it was all about intimidation, yelling and getting in trouble if you had difficulties in doing what the trainers told you to do.”*

But, one day, Anthony built up the courage to walk in our door, and that was the best decision he ever made.

“I was greeted with a smile, the trainer genuinely wanted to help me to achieve my weight loss goals, and I felt that it was doable!”*


“I remember insisting that I would only do one PT session a fortnight, and no classes. How quickly this changed! Now, I can’t get enough. It’s a positive, motivating and encouraging environment and every single Striders trainer has had an everlasting impact on my life. Not only have Striders helped me to lose weight, but they have also helped transform my entire life.”*

Thanks to Striders, I have lost a staggering 30 kg, and I can actually look forward to my future and am truly excited about what is possible.*






Samantha, Down 20.1kg

The Best Decision I’ve Made

  • “I have always been a sports enthusiast, involved in activities like dancing, horse riding and netball my whole life. It wasn’t until I started going up clothing sizes I realized that I had a problem. As someone who had always been fit and healthy, it surprised me I had let my weight get out of control.”*

  • “I knew I had to do something about it but I kept putting it off and procrastinating for many months and growing more and more depressed about my life.”*

Since contacting Striders I’ve lost 20.1kg!

  • “… and the great thing is, it hasn’t been a lonely road. I had the help of my Trainer every step of the way.”*

  • “Going to Striders and having mates to chat to feels more of a social group than an exercise session, everyone is encouraging and supportive, and cheers you on when you achieve your goals.”*

  • “It definitely helps the whole process to have this aspect of fun and support.”*

  • “Thank you so much Striders for helping me get my health and fitness back on track…”*

  • Working out has never been so much fun.*



Jodie, Down 30kg

Striders is top of the class!!!

  • “I stepped into Striders 30 kilos heavier, completely unfit, unhealthily and overweight. I was very self conscious and embarrassed. But the minute I walked into this beautiful family run business all those feelings disappeared. The staff are genuinely caring down to earth people that are warming and welcoming every time I step foot in their studio.”*

  • “I have not EVER felt judged or uncomfortable which has been the core in my weight loss journey.”*

The trainers at Striders are extremely well educated and informed.

  • “They continually go above and beyond to keep up to date with what is going on in their industry.”*

    • “Striders have helped me with weight loss, nutrition advice, meal planning, core strength, cardio fitness and now we are working on building muscle. Most of all they have provided me with the mental and emotional foundation to achieve my goals and given me the confidence to be the healthiest, fitter and best version of myself.”*


  • Thank you Striders!!!!!




I have never looked or felt better!…

  • “2 Years ago I was scared about turning 40 y.o. being unfit and overweight, so I decided to do something about it. I found a PT who worked from home, 1 on 1 and no public gym so I didn’t have to worry about somebody else seeing me. I was with her for approx. 4 months and her main focus was on running and I wanted to tone my body and do more weight work.”*


My husband in the meantime joined Striders and was getting awesome results!


  • “I decided to meet and talk to the wonderful family there about what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to look. Their knowledge on nutrition and fitness encouraged me to leave my current PT and start with Striders. My trainers Zach and Bernie make sure I push myself out of my comfort zone even though I don’t think I can, but they believe in me and with their encouragement and support I am able to achieve everything they throw at me! I have never felt or looked better since joining Striders, I have lost weight, dropped dress sizes and getting great Guns! The whole team has helped me through my ups and downs in my health and have been very supportive. I wouldn’t be where I am without Striders Personal Training! Thank you so much. ”*





Allison, down 10kg

These guys don’t give up on you!

  • “Striders changed my life! I was so defeated and was never a gym person until I joined. I have now lost 10kg and I’m losing more and more every week. I’m in shock at how my life has changed for the better.”*


It’s the best thing I have done.


  • “I was always a tubby kid, but Striders has me learning more about my body and health. I am now a healthy weight and can actually see my knee caps. The Trainers are nice people who don’t give up on you even when you feel like you can’t keep going. Thanks a bunch Striders!”*





Stephane, down 10kg

I feel amazing

  • “There was a time where I wouldn’t have ever thought of going to a gym. The very thought scared me. Fitness and health never seemed that important to me until I realised I needed to change how I was living because I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror.”*


Since contacting Striders I’ve lost 10kgs and haven’t looked back.


  • “These guys are an amazing team of trainers who genuinely care about their clients and want to help them achieve their goals. I feel amazing and I’m so thankful I started my journey with Striders.”*

  • I can’t speak of them highly enough.*





Lynne, Down 15kg

You’re Never Too Old To Start!…

Before coming to us, Lynne thought getting fit and healthy is something that only younger people could achieve

  • “At almost 60 I thought my days of getting fit were over until a friend told me about Striders! Striders has changed his life, and watching his 20kg weight loss transformation I thought I would try it for myself. Walking in on that first day to say I was petrified would be putting it mildly but chatting to Bernie I felt like I had come home! That feeling is still with me every time I walk in the door. I see Kaitlyn twice a week for PT and love every minute of it.”*

It’s What I’ve been looking for

  • “The way Striders encourage, support, listen, suggest options and look at complete health, not just weight is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to Striders I’ve now lost 15kg and I’m looking forward to many more sessions with them.”*



Lauren, down 15 kg

Extremely Approachable and Friendly

Before Lauren came to us, she felt like she had no support. Now she’s celebrating a very cool 15KG weight loss and looks absolutely amazing.

“ I was going to gyms which I had no support or encouragement from and I didn’t feel as though I could approach anyone to ask questions. I was too embarrassed to try equipment I was unsure of, or do weights as it was intimidating. So, I just stuck to cardio which I didn’t enjoy… and because of this, I only went once or twice a week.”*


“The team members enjoy celebrating your wins as their own. I rave about this gym to family and friends and have already accomplished 15KG weight loss in a little over a month. The group classes are exciting and fun and I have now found the motivation to exercise twice a day without it feeling like a chore. What a wonderful experience I have had and will definitely continue training at Striders Personal Training.”*





Trish, down 15kg

Truly Life Changing

There was a time when Trish thought losing weight was impossible… Now she’s down an impressive 15kg and looks amazingly athletic.

  • “I believed that gaining weight was just part of the aging process and something I had to live with. Automatically, I placed it in the too hard basket while managing work and raising my family. Over the years I tried a variety of different avenues, numerous gym memberships and a support weight loss group.*


  • It wasn’t until I discovered Striders that I was able to change my perspective. With their knowledge, encouragement and great support I was able to set realistic goals to suit my body and age.

  • “The fantastic and genuinely caring team at Striders have helped me to achieve goals by assisting in developing a good diet, regular exercise routine and a positive mindset to enable me to feel better within myself. They have taught me the skills I need, and how to live a healthy happy lifestyle with my family.”*

Trish lost 15kg


Steve, Down 15kg

The Best Personal Training Studio By Far!

  • “The atmosphere at Striders Personal Training is just awesome, everyone is so helpful and friendly and absolutely nobody judges anyone. They bring people together and build relationships and friendships unlike any other gym ever could.”*

I Couldn’t Imagine Going Anywhere Else To Train

  • “Before joining Striders, I tried several of personal training places and two different gyms, and I found that these places knew absolutely nothing. The knowledge of the Striders team however is truly amazing. I know I’m not only going to get a good workout but also a safe one, and with friendly advice along the way.”*

    “I’m so much stronger and fitter now and I look really healthy. I can jump in and do any physical activity or lift anything healthy without an issue. I can also give people advice on what worked for me and how I got to where I am.”*

I am often caught saying that Striders is my second home and they feel like my second family as well.





Rosie, Down 15kg

It Was Easier Than I Thought

Caught up in all of the confusion of which nutrition and exercise advice she should follow, Rosie found herself stagnant with her weight loss efforts.

  • “The biggest problem I faced with weight loss was trying to make heads and tails of all the conflicting nutrition and exercise information that was being thrown around… It was quite overwhelming for me at times. In an attempt to alleviate some of this confusion and gain traction with my weight loss efforts, I joined a big box gym to learn the correct way of doing it. But after trying a couple of these gyms, I soon realized that their nutritional and exercising guidance was quite lacking.”*

    “Looking at their website, I felt like there was hope. If anyone was going to be able to accommodate my needs, it would be Striders. Even though I knew it meant that I’d be starting all over from scratch, I had nothing further to lose — My balance and strength was now at an all-time low, and on top of that, I was now nursing several physical limitations.”*

I can’t help but feel so positive about future improvement gains

Not only were Striders able to regress certain exercises to make them doable for me, they progressed them as my abilities improved. I’m now working out at an advanced level and this has bolstered my energy and confidence levels dramatically.

Training At Striders Has Improved My Life In So Many Ways!*



Sarah, Down 25kg

Striders Has Filled My Bucket With Complete Happiness

There was a time where every day activities felt like a chore for Sarah – nursing a sore back – she moved with limited mobility. It was taking a very costly toll on her quality of life, and there were days when she felt like nothing more than a shell of a person. She knew that if she were to ever break free from this damaging rut, she’d first need to address her weight issue.

  • “I guess, like many people, I instantly thought about signing up at the local gym. This turned out to be both costly and time-wasting. No one really took the time to show me anything of any true value. It was then I saw an advert for Striders Personal Training.”*

    It feels so strange that people are now actually complimenting me on my muscle tone

    “Striders is all about family – you’ll even see children there – getting back to the basic fundamentals. It was experiencing such things as these on my first visit to Striders Personal Training that created a strong feeling within me. The feeling of: ‘Hey, I can actually do this – this is the place to be!’ And my second day was even better. From the very get-go, I was not only learning the right way of exercising, but my trainer was explaining to me in detail, the things that I was doing that was holding back my progression.”*

“I could not have done this without Striders. I would not be where I am today. I’ve lost 25kg, and my mobility has been restored to the degree I once enjoyed in my teenage years. Further, I have never in my life experienced the mental stamina that I do now.”*




Nadine, down 16.1 kg

Since Joining Striders I Have Never Looked Back

“I joined Striders, mid October 2019, after trying and failing to lose weight myself. I can now say since joining Striders Personal Training, I have made great progress. I signed up for their “5 Week Summer Transformation Challenge” not long after joining – to boost my weight loss, help with my food plans and to motivate myself into getting fit.

Prior to the challenge my food portion sizes were huge. I was eating all the wrong foods and my exercise was nil. The challenge provided me with tailored eating plans and the workouts that I needed to succeed…”*


“ Now… THE BEST PART!!! Since joining in mid October until the 7th December 2019 (Just 7 weeks in total), I have lost 9.2kgs. Way more than I anticipated!

I highly recommend Striders, and I can say – IT WORKS! I feel and look so much better and my eating has been turned around. Trainers Jodie and Damien gave me the very helpful support, motivation, and knowledge to continue to succeed.

Now that the “5 Week Summer Transformation Challenge” has finished, I’m really looking forward to their 8 Week Challenge starting in February 2020.”*





Michael, down 7.3 kg

I Trained at Another Local Gym but Couldn’t Budge the Kilos

“I joined Striders Personal training a week prior to the ‘5 Week Transformation Challenge’ starting. My cardio levels were depleted, my body was out of alignment, muscles were tight and my core was weak. I just couldn’t kick start a result.

I think the key aspect to the challenge is the structured meal plans. Wow, how many things in my eating were wrong. I wasn’t a compulsive takeaway food junkie, but the vegetables were too carby and starchy. My biggest issue was way too much bread and too large meat portions. Training at Striders has taught me a lot about my dietary requirements.

The classes, especially BoxStep, have been a major contributor to gaining cardio fitness. It was only 5-6 weeks ago I struggled to complete 10 sit-ups or burpees without major muscular pain and cramping. My cardio fitness has been my biggest achievement. The Personal Training and Boost programs have increased my strength, with some astonishing results. My best personal best result is with the leg curl exercise – with a weight increase of 185%…”*


“I have attended a lot of gyms over the years and the pretentious atmosphere makes working out quite uncomfortable. My second favourite thing is the results I have achieved. Finding personal trainers who can deliver consistency is hard. It’s impressive that Striders achieve results in such an awesome environment. A huge thanks to Damien and Jodie for their encouragement and mentoring.

A Massive Thumbs Up Guys!”*



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