Finding It Hard to Develop Those Biceps?

If you’re struggling to break those guns out of their holsters, perform some Resistance Band work to help spark them into growth.

All muscles work on one of three strength curves: Ascending, Descending, or Parabolic. The strength curve refers to how much force a particular muscle can produce at a certain point in its range of motion. Unlike when using dumbbells or a barbell that relies on vertical gravity, by using a Resistance Band you’ll be placing the least amount of force on the bicep when the muscle is at its weakest point in the range of motion, and packing on the maximum amount of force when the muscle is at its strongest point in the range of motion.

So after your next Bicep session, don’t stop there, give the Biceps a further hit of 3 or 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of Resistance Band Curls, using a slow tempo of 5 seconds downs and 5 seconds up

For further ways on how to develop stubborn muscles, contact a Striders Personal Trainer Today!

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