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Body Scan Analysis

Body Scan Analysis allows us to take your Personal Training to the next level. It provides an insight that is unparalleled and will propel your results greatly.

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What Is A
Body Scan?

The Body Scan Analysis machine looks very similar to a set of scales. It works by sending a very low level impedance to test the resistance through the body. By doing this, you’re able to gather information such as skeletal muscle, body fat, bone density, body water and many other details.

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A Deeper

Body Scans are an excellent tool to know where to focus your attention. By getting a deeper level of understanding, we can decide whether you need more cardio or weights and what style of training will benefit you most. You’ll also be able to see if you’re balanced across your muscle distribution.

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Your Nutrition

By analysing what’s below the surface, we can design a meal program that speaks exactly to your body. It allows us to understand your metabolism and your daily energy requirements to calculate your ideal nutrition.

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Body Scans are a fantastic way to establish a starting point. As you progress you’ll be able to compare scans to see how much change you’ve made and whether you need to shift focus. When you start seeing big changes from one scan to another it boosts confidence and creates more momentum to keep pushing forward towards your goals.

Success Stories

Check out the transformations of people just like you. Over the years we’ve seen countless people change their lives forever in so many ways! Will you be our next success story?

Success Stories

Lynne Sait

15kgs Lost

"Walking in on that first day to say I was petrified would be putting it mildly but chatting to Bernie I felt like I had come home!"

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