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Striders Personal Training started with 1 simple goal: to foster a community of happy people and enable them to shape their future.

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There’s a gym, crossfit, functional group class (insert the latest fitness fad) on every corner nowadays. And yet the overweight and obesity rate in Australia still sits at 67%. That’s 2 in every 3 people.

With so many fitness facilities, the obesity rate should be on the decline. But it’s not. And there’s 2 reasons for this.


Fitness Facilities Aren’t Designed For You.

Anyone who has attempted to take up a new fitness routine will know how anxious and uncomfortable it can make you just to show up. That’s because these places aren’t designed for people who really need it, they’re made for fitness fanatics.

A Second

We saw a real need to create an environment and culture that is welcoming and comfortable - “a second home” as the people who train with us call it. A place where they’re supported and enjoy spending time.

Success Stories

Check out the transformations of people just like you. Over the years we’ve seen countless people change their lives forever in so many ways! Will you be our next success story?

Success Stories

Stephanie Fink

10kgs Lost

"There was a time where I wouldn’t have ever thought of going to a gym. The very thought scared me. Fitness and health never seemed that important to me until I realised I needed to change how I was living because I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror."

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The ‘Best Program’
Isn’t The BEST
Program For You.

The way an olympian trains isn’t the way someone just starting should train. And yet this is the approach most places take. Throw you in the deep end and hope you push through the pain long enough to get somewhere (if you don’t get injured in the process).

A Better

We know there’s a better way. By working with you 1-on-1, we can find your starting point and increase the intensity when you are ready for it. This way you will be safe and will enjoy your workouts to be able to make healthy habits. Habits lead to long term success.

Personalised, Private Studios

With this approach, we’ve helped people shed thousands of kilos, tone up and find a passion for their health that had been lost long ago, and in many cases - for the very first time.

Though Striders has very much grown from its humble beginnings, it has always been our top priority to continue giving a personalised approach, from the comfort of our private Studios.

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