Personal Training

Personal Training is the most effective way to achieve your dream transformation - fast and forever. Your Trainer will give you what you need to succeed; from exercise, nutrition, motivation, to experiences with people in your exact position and what worked best for them.

A Genuine,

Personal Approach

Your Trainer will get to know you. They will learn what drives you, what holds you back, what you like and what you don’t. This approach is crucial if you’re looking for incredible and sustainable results. With an expert Trainer by your side every step of the way, they’ll be able to steer you away from pitfalls that slow progress and show you ways to maximise your efforts to take you from good to great – sooner.


A Clearer Picture

An in-depth Body Scan Analysis is paramount to success. This scan allows us to deliver a custom training regime that is suited to your body and your needs by giving your Trainer a view of where you are starting and what the quickest path to success looks like for you. Regular scans are the best way to ensure your training is still having the desired outcome on your results.


The Full Toolkit

At Striders, we are serious about results, which is why all of our Personal Training Clients receive complete access to Group Training, Boost Training and Nutrition Plans – the full suite for absolutely nothing extra!


Ready For


We're ready to help!

Success Stories

Check out the transformations of people just like you. Over the years we’ve seen countless people change their lives forever in so many ways! Will you be our next success story?


Katrina Baxter - 20kg

"I joined Striders a little over two years ago, and my life has never been the same. With the help of their friendly and supportive personal trainers I have shed a huge 20 kg."