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7 Signs It’s Time To See A Personal Trainer

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Deciding to get fit to improve your health is a commendable thing, and something we encourage wholeheartedly!

But if you’ve been tackling workouts on your own and you aren’t sure if they’re getting you the results you want, or if you find yourself lacking motivation, then a personal trainer might be exactly what you need to help you stay on track.

Here are 7 signs it’s time to see a personal trainer…

1. You’re Not Sure What Program Suits

If you’ve only just started thinking about working out, you may be unsure of what program best suits your current fitness level or what the best ways to achieve your fitness goals are. You might also be confused about how to do the right exercises in the correct manner. If you can relate, then chat to a personal trainer about choosing the best program for your needs – they have the knowledge and experience to help you feel confident while training.

2. You’re Not Seeing Results

If you’ve been working out for a while, and you’re not satisfied with what you’ve achieved, having your own personal trainer will help. By understanding your individual concerns and tweaking your program to suit, your personal trainer can help you get faster and better results. They’ll shake up your routine and push you to overcome your limits.

3. You’re Getting Injured

Pain is a clear warning sign that you’re not performing an exercise correctly, and continuing on with poor form can cause injury, as well as decrease the chances of getting the results you want. A personal trainer will teach you the right way to perform an exercise and give you healthy workout habits.

4. You Need A Challenge

If the novelty of your workout has worn off and you’ve hit an exercise plateau, it can be difficult to get over the hump on your own. A professional personal trainer can help by giving you a fresh perspective and a new workout plan to get you better results, faster!

5. You Want To Save Time

If you have a hectic lifestyle where you can’t spare a lot of time, a personal trainer can devise an exercise routine to help you maximise your time. You can meet your fitness goals more quickly and efficiently by having somebody there to motivate and push you.

6. You’re Making Excuses

We get it. Everybody makes excuses not to workout some days, you’re not alone! However, if you have fallen off the bandwagon completely and are finding it hard to climb back on and get your fitness back, it might be time to seek help. At Striders, we pride ourselves on having a non-judgement workout environment where we encourage and motivate you to workout. Our goal is to turn exercise into an enjoyable activity!

Don’t think this sounds possible? Come see for yourself!

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