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The Best Places in Brisbane to Eat (for the Ultimate Cheat Day)

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You know those days, when all you want to do is curl up on the sofa with a giant cheesy pizza and your favourite movie? Everyone has them, even super fit people!

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying you should have a cheat day every week…but once in awhile (maybe once a month or once every two months) relaxing your diet and enjoying an epic burger and hot chips can be a good thing. Cheat days can help boost your mental fortitude, prevent mindless snacking and act as a very powerful stress reliever.

So, here are our top 6 foodie finds in Brisbane for a guilt-free cheat day:

Ben’s Burgers, Fortitude Valley and West End

Are you after the perfect dirty burger for your next cheat day? Look no further! The Chiu brothers can never do wrong whether it’s with music, fashion or food. The brothers have perfected everything you could want in a burger – the perfect combination of greasy, cheesy, meaty and oh-so-dirty goodness. Not feigning for a burger? No stress. They also have loaded fries, wings for days, and the best salted caramel milkshakes you could dream of.

2. Winner Winner

KFC step aside – there is a new Nashville fried chicken restaurant in town promising to be “finger lickin’ good”. This place satisfies all our greasy food needs with the best deep fried chicken (sorry Colonel Sanders) plus their onion rings and buttery corn, OMG! If you aren’t induced into a food coma after your visit to Winner Winner, then you have done something seriously wrong.

3. Deathproof, New Farm

Have you seen the movie Chef? No? Watch the clip below IMMEDIATELY. It will change your life and more importantly make you appreciate a cheese toastie in a way you never thought possible.


Okay. Thank god you’ve seen that. Now speaking of cheese toasties, you must must MUST go to Deathproof, New Farm’s latest bar. They have a whole menu of delicious food-based and alcohol-based options, but to be completely honest we cannot go past the cheese toastie it is that good (although we have seen their Reuben sandwich and it looks epic).

4. Whisky Business, Capalaba

Are you after something more on the sweet side for your cheat day? Well, this is the place for you!

Don’t let their Instagram name fool you – these guys are so much more than macarons (although you have to try them and warning: you can never stop at just one). Whisky Business is better known for being the royalty of gourmet thickshakes.

We can’t pick our favourite flavour, but the salted caramel and the Ferrero Rocher are definitely up there!

5. Redhook, Brisbane CBD

Imagine all the things you love about America and you have yourself Redhook. Nestled in Brisbane’s CBD, this is a little slice of all things downtown New York, street food edition. We are talking hot dogs, dirty burgers, loaded fries, greasy tacos and the all-mighty deep fried Mac’n’Cheese squares. Oh, and did we mention their ice cream burgers?

6. Eat Street, Northshore

Are you unable to commit on a singular cuisine and want to go hell-for-leather on everything for your cheat day? Well, look no further than Eat Street. This is literally a marketplace to fulfil all of your sweetest and dirtiest cheat day dreams.

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