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Helen Connell’s “Life Changing” Success Story

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Written by Helen Connell

As a full-time shift worker and mother of 3 quickly approaching my 40’s, my weight had started to creep up. Convenient, highly processed “throw in the oven” foods had become a regular part of our diet, and exercise was sporadic rather than regular, as I was just too tired most of the time.

I had bought many gym memberships, but found that the staff lost interest once I had caved into the high-pressure sales pitch and finding myself locked into 12 month contracts, with the vague promise of results if I followed a “one size fits all” program. There was no support, no progress assessments, no goal setting, no nutritional advice. Needless to say, I did not go regularly as I found the environment intimidating, unmotivating, and much of the equipment confusing and scary.

After researching personal trainers in our local area, I bought my husband a gift voucher for Striders Personal Training at Lawnton for his birthday. I was apprehensive, as I was expecting the staff to be like the personal trainers I had seen at the gyms – dismissive and only interested in the sales. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Dianne was so friendly and helpful from the first moment I made contact, and I quickly felt at ease. And because there are no contracts, there was no high-pressure sales pitch.

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After my husband had finished the sessions from his gift voucher, he purchased another set of 10 sessions for himself and also for me. Bernie was very friendly and not like any other personal trainer I had ever met. At my initial assessment, I did not feel at all judged about my weight or lack of fitness, and I was actually asked what my goals were! I could tell from looking at other people going to Striders that it was a fun place to be, everyone seemed to actually be having fun and feeling comfortable.

From my very first PT session, I have felt fully supported, with all of the exercises, how to perform them correctly, and the muscles they are working explained to me. My family is also benefiting from the ongoing nutritional advice and tailored nutrition plans I have received, and we all eat much healthier meals and snacks.

I have been going to Striders for about 2 years now, and I can honestly say that contacting Striders was the best decision ever – for myself and my family. I do two PT sessions per week, and go to the group classes when I can. I have lost all of the weight I had put on, and am frequently being complimented on how toned, fit and healthy I look, and I feel great.

Thank you Striders for changing my life!

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