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5 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

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Heavy meals and sugary treats can leave your body feeling sluggish after winter. If you’re ready to lose weight, feel more energetic or simply put a spring in your step, it’s time to overhaul your eating habits for the warmer months.

Here are 5 easy ways you can give your diet a thorough cleansing!

1. Add colour to your plate

Adding more colourful fruits and vegetables to your diet is an easy way to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals you’re getting. When it’s cold, we usually don’t feel like eating salads or much fruit, so we can become vitamin deficient. Rather than popping vitamin pills, stock up on orange, red, green and yellow produce and reap the nutritional benefits. Check out these delicious salad recipes for inspiration to dig in!

2. Drink a daily juice

Vegetable juice is a quick way to get a vitamin hit first thing in the morning and cleanse your system. Nutritionists swear by it and recommend a daily green cold-pressed juice, but you can juice all sorts of veggies. Try these yummy detox juice recipes for starters.

3. Palm-sized portions

It’s easy for our protein intake to reach higher levels in winter with lots of hearty stews and meat pies for the taking. But research shows that eating lots of cooked animal protein can lead to an unbalanced diet as you’re less likely to eat food from other food groups. To keep your portion sizes in check use your palm to measure. Approximately a two palm size portion for men, and a one palm size portion for women.

4. Get a daily dose of nuts

Eating a small handful of nuts every day is an excellent way to get your diet back on track. Nuts are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein, can promote enhanced cardiovascular health and help prevent many chronic diseases. As a snack, they’re much better for you than chips or popcorn, and can easily be added to main meals for taste and texture. Try these healthy recipes that feature nuts in a variety of ways.

A bowl of nuts

5. Drink H2O

Keeping hydrated is one of the simplest ways to spring clean your diet, you just need to remind yourself to drink more water on a daily basis. Drinking more water can mean you’re less likely to overeat and it has a myriad of health benefits from helping with digestion and relieving fatigue, to improving skin quality and reducing the risk of cancer. If you’re serious about keeping track of your water intake, check out this Daily Water – Drink Tracker and Reminder.

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