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All Personal Trainers Are Not The Same

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Looking to hire the help of a Personal Trainer to make the best use of your exercise time and achieve those goals so much sooner? That’s great! But there’s one thing you should know before taking this crucial first step. Many trainers are a waste of time and money and will get you no further than when you first started with them.

What it means to hold a Cert III and IV in Fitness

This is the minimum qualification required to train a client safely. It is the entry level to being a Personal Trainer. It needs to be noted that it does not mean the holder of this level has helped someone achieve any weight loss or fitness result.

It really is no different to a game of Chess

Or any other sport for that matter. Knowing the rules of Chess and how to move the pieces is only the entry level for being able to play the game. Being successful requires experience and most of all, effective strategy.

You wouldn’t get Your car brakes fixed by just anyone

It is not against the law for someone who holds no fitness qualification, to call themselves a Personal Trainer.

Seeking out a Nationally Accredited Personal Trainer is as important as seeking a professional when servicing your car brakes. Sadly, many people, when seeking a Personal Trainer will ask the basic questions such as what are the operating hours and how much does it cost, but fail to ask the 3 most important questions of all –

  • How long have you been physically working as a Personal Trainer?
  • Do you have public liability and professional indemnity, and if so, can you please show proof?
  • What results have you helped other clients achieve and can you please supply actual contacts of these referees?

These 3 questions can save you a lot of wasted time and money.

Should You avoid Trainers who are relatively new to the Fitness Industry?

Absolutely not! However, if you have been following the advice of the trainer closely and haven’t seen any results for your efforts, carefully consider if it is best to move on.

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