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Squats Are Not Just For Toning Legs

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Say the word ‘Squat’ and the first thing that usually comes to mind is an exercise for conditioning and toning the legs. This is true, but there are many other great reasons why you should include squats into your regular exercise routine. Here are five:

1. Squats Are Great Fat Burners.

That’s right! Because squats are multi-muscle complex exercises, they are great for torching unwanted body fat. It makes a lot of sense to incorporate squats and their many variants into your training program.

2. They Are Ideal Core Builders.

Squats engage all abdominal and lower back muscles to maintain stability. So, if you wish to build a stronger core, spend more time doing squats than you do performing crunches.

3. They Help To Keep You Mobile.

As people age, simple everyday tasks such as sitting, standing, bending, and lifting often become much more of a task. To continue enjoying the freedom of easy movement, keep the body conditioned by performing squat exercises regularly.

4. Squats Aid in Preventing Knee Injuries.

Squats improve the strength of the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis muscles of the leg. These muscles are crucial for aiding in knee stability and correct tracking of the patella.

5. Squats Are Better For Those With Existing Knee Complaints.

Unlike exercises that place most of the body weight on the one leg, such as lunges, squats allow an even distribution of body weight on both legs, thus preventing excess overload on the knees.

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When squatting:

  1. Ensure the legs never go past ninety degree flexion or the tension will shift into the knees.
  2. Always keep the knees tracking in line with the toes.
  3. Never allow the knees to travel past the toes.
  4. Do not perform Swiss Ball Squats if you experience no pain in the knees when doing normal squats. While Swiss Ball Squats are ideal for rehab reasons, they do not challenge the core muscles effectively.

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