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The Benefits of Tailored Training Programs

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Fact: No two human beings are the same.

And we think it’s safe to say this means no two bodies, metabolisms or hormone levels are the same. So why should we treat them as if they are?

Using the exact same exercise regimes or weight loss techniques as somebody else, just because it worked for them (or they made you believe it worked for them), seems pretty silly when you really think about it.

It’s all well and good to take inspiration from or use certain aspects of, someone else’s workout routine. But if you want the best results, a tailored training program is the way to go!

Here’s why…

Different lifestyles/schedules

One of the main reasons we provide tailored training programs for all of our clients is so we can customise them to suit their lifestyles. There’s nothing less motivating than being too busy to fit in time for your workout. We understand that everybody has different commitments and schedules, so there’s no point throwing them a fitness regime they can’t keep up with.

At Striders, we see our clients as friends, not customers, so getting to know your individual schedules and lifestyle pressures is easy! We’ve also got a good eye for noticing if you’re too overworked or exhausted, so can recommend changes to your program that will help combat this.

benefits of tailored training programs 1

Different strengths/weaknesses

Everybody has strong points and weak points. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. After all, if we were all good at soccer and bad at mathematics, the world would be a pretty boring place! When first setting you up at Striders, we do a full assessment of where you’re at and identify key strengths and weaknesses. We also have a chat with you and get to know any concerns or worries you have. This allows us to create the perfect mix of exercises for you and your individual needs.

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Different dietary requirements

Diet is a huge part of your health and fitness levels. A poor diet can impact on your energy and productivity levels, your sleep, and your overall happiness. That’s why we include professional nutrition and dietetic advice in our personal training packages at Striders, and recommend healthy and wholesome diet options for you. But we understand that everybody has different allergies, requirements and likes/dislikes. So we take the time to learn yours and tailor your program to suit!

benefits of tailored training programs 3

Because circumstances change.

Another great benefit of having a tailored training program is being able to change it whenever your circumstances change. Maybe you’ve just fallen pregnant, and need the workout to be customised to make sure bubba stays safe in there. Or you’ve just had a baby and need to slow things down a little and ease your way back into it. Whatever the case may be, we’re always able to change your routine to suit your needs at the time.

Are you looking for a professional tailored training program, to help you smash your fitness goals this year? Give us a call to chat to one of our friendly staff!

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