Michael Cowling

It’s impressive that Striders achieve results in such an awesome environment.

Studio: Arana Hills  Trainer: Damien Robinson

I Trained at Another Local Gym but Couldn’t Budge the Kilos

“I joined Striders Personal training a week prior to the ‘5 Week Transformation Challenge’ starting. My cardio levels were depleted, my body was out of alignment, muscles were tight and my core was weak. I just couldn’t kick start a result.

I think the key aspect to the challenge is the structured meal plans. Wow, how many things in my eating were wrong. I wasn’t a compulsive takeaway food junkie, but the vegetables were too carby and starchy. My biggest issue was way too much bread and too large meat portions. Training at Striders has taught me a lot about my dietary requirements.

The classes, especially BoxStep, have been a major contributor to gaining cardio fitness. It was only 5-6 weeks ago I struggled to complete 10 sit-ups or burpees without major muscular pain and cramping. My cardio fitness has been my biggest achievement. The Personal Training and Boost programs have increased my strength, with some astonishing results. My best personal best result is with the leg curl exercise – with a weight increase of 185%…”*

The best thing about Striders personal training is the atmosphere and feeling comfortable

“I have attended a lot of gyms over the years and the pretentious atmosphere makes working out quite uncomfortable. My second favourite thing is the results I have achieved. Finding personal trainers who can deliver consistency is hard. It’s impressive that Striders achieve results in such an awesome environment. A huge thanks to Damien and Jodie for their encouragement and mentoring.

A Massive Thumbs Up Guys!”*



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