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Nadine Stansfield

Down 16kg, IT WORKS! I feel and look so much better and my eating has been turned around.

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Since joining Striders I have never looked back

“I joined Striders, mid October 2019, after trying and failing to lose weight myself. I can now say since joining Striders Personal Training, I have made great progress. I signed up for their “5 Week Summer Transformation Challenge” not long after joining – to boost my weight loss, help with my food plans and to motivate myself into getting fit.

Prior to the challenge my food portion sizes were huge. I was eating all the wrong foods and my exercise was nil. The challenge provided me with tailored eating plans and the workouts that I needed to succeed…”*

I enjoyed every workout! The one-on-one PT sessions gave me the confidence to push myself more than I was previously capable of

“Now… THE BEST PART!!! Since joining in mid October until the 7th December 2019 (Just 7 weeks in total), I have lost 9.2kgs. Way more than I anticipated!

I highly recommend Striders, and I can say – IT WORKS! I feel and look so much better and my eating has been turned around. Trainers Jodie and Damien gave me the very helpful support, motivation, and knowledge to continue to succeed.

Now that the “5 Week Summer Transformation Challenge” has finished, I’m really looking forward to their 8 Week Challenge starting in February 2020.”*



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