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15kg down, and it was easier than she could possibly imagine.

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Studio: Lawnton | Trainer: Bernard Dolezal

It was easier than I thought

Caught up in all of the confusion of which nutrition and exercise advice she should follow, Rosie found herself stagnant with her weight loss efforts.

“The biggest problem I faced with weight loss was trying to make heads and tails of all the conflicting nutrition and exercise information that was being thrown around… It was quite overwhelming for me at times. In an attempt to alleviate some of this confusion and gain traction with my weight loss efforts, I joined a big box gym to learn the correct way of doing it. But after trying a couple of these gyms, I soon realized that their nutritional and exercising guidance was quite lacking.

Looking at their website, I felt like there was hope. If anyone was going to be able to accommodate my needs, it would be Striders. Even though I knew it meant that I’d be starting all over from scratch, I had nothing further to lose — My balance and strength was now at an all-time low, and on top of that, I was now nursing several physical limitations.”*

I can’t help but feel so positive about future improvement gains

“Not only were Striders able to regress certain exercises to make them doable for me, they progressed them as my abilities improved. I’m now working out at an advanced level and this has bolstered my energy and confidence levels dramatically.

Training at Striders has improved my life in so many ways!”*



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