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Trish Masters

15kg down, now has the skills to live a healthy happy lifestyle with her family.

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Studio: Lawnton | Trainer: Bernard Dolezal

Truly life changing

There was a time when Trish thought losing weight was impossible… Now she’s down an impressive 15kg and looks amazingly athletic.

“I believed that gaining weight was just part of the aging process and something I had to live with. Automatically, I placed it in the too hard basket while managing work and raising my family. Over the years I tried a variety of different avenues, numerous gym memberships and a support weight loss group.

It wasn’t until I discovered striders that I was able to change my perspective. With their knowledge, encouragement and great support I was able to set realistic goals to suit my body and age.

The fantastic and genuinely caring team at Striders have helped me to achieve goals by assisting in developing a good diet, regular exercise routine and a positive mindset to enable me to feel better within myself. They have taught me the skills I need, and how to live a healthy happy lifestyle with my family.”*


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