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  • I‘m 27 kg down and I can’t believe that I’m still kicking goals, thanks to my trainer! In a million years, I never thought that this would ever be possible for me to achieve.*

    Robert, down 27 kg

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Imagine waking up every morning without feeling tired, bloated or run-down. Imagine jumping out of bed with energy, cooking a healthy breakfast that’s nourishing, and heading to the gym to train one-on-one with a team of experts who know your kid’s names and what your favourite songs are.

Imagine having a support team who make you feel like you can do anything; who never yell at you, hold you back or push you beyond your capabilities. Imagine if you had the strength to hold your kids when they’re sad or the endurance to climb a mountain and see the sunset.

That’s the Striders difference. We offer tailored personal training programs, delivered by nationally accredited trainers, that are designed to help you achieve your dream life.

  • Transform your life

    Knowledgeable & supportive

    “I've been training at Striders for many years now, the team helped me to transform my body into the best shape it's been for my wedding back in 2012. Since then they've helped me maintain that awesome body and strength and then helped me get back into shape after having my two boys. I highly recommend Striders.*”

    Bec Smith

  • Supportive trainers

    Relationship of trust & friendship

    “Striders are passionate about what they do and make an excellent team. It’s clear what they do is not just a job and is so much more to them as they are caring and love helping others. Thank you for more than just exercise, and assisting me to work towards quality health for life not just the short term.*”

    Janelle Jenner

  • The right mindset

    I’ve happily waved goodbye to 17kg

    “All through my life, my fear of failure has kept me from trying my best to achieve most things. Over the months of training at Striders, my Trainer has taught me that you only fail at something when you give up trying. I’ve happily waved goodbye to 17 kg and using this growth mindset I know I can lose even more.*”

    Jess Morrissey, down 17 kg

Health and fitness experts

How can we help you?

Our trainers are dedicated to showing you the best exercises to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals much faster. Whether it be losing weight after pregnancy, toning up, climbing a mountain or simply just wanting to boost your energy levels. One-on-one personal training is the ideal way to achieve your health and fitness goals with personalised attention, programs and advice.

Our exclusive programs have helped countless people change their lives, and we can help you achieve fantastic results too.

Our uncrowded, friendly gym offers:

  • Individually prescribed training plans
  • Regular progress updates
  • Ongoing assessment to ensure the best possible results
  • Expert advice regarding supplements
  • Clean and hygienic facilities (including showers and change rooms)
  • Ongoing support and mentoring
  • A warm and friendly atmosphere
  • No yelling or abusive comments
  • No memberships or joining fees
  • Off street parking

We know the best modes of exercise and intensity levels to burn fat fast and gain muscle tone. There’s no valuable time wasting with following ineffective training programs, or spending time in lengthy gym queues waiting for exercise equipment. Striders Personal Training is your ultimate partner in fitness.

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