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Personal Training

Conveniently located near Kallangur, Your Striders PT is your partner in achieving your dream transformation. Join us and enjoy the journey to a healthier, happier you.

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Women and her Trainer doing a thumbs up after her Body scan results.

Personal Training

Residents of Kallangur trust the Personal Trainers at Striders for their expertise and professionalism. Our trainers are dedicated to supporting you on your fitness journey and ensuring that you consistently progress towards your goals. With evidence-based training and a supportive community atmosphere, you can expect to achieve the results you want.

Personal Training

Group Training

Group Training is an effective way to boost your fitness levels and get your heart rate up. Our experienced Trainers provide personalized attention to ensure that each session is tailored to your abilities. Striders personal trainers offer some of the best small group training near Kallangur!

Our Group Training
Expert PT in a Brisbane Personal Training Gym

Boost Training

Our fully-equipped Personal Training Studio offers gym-style access exclusively for Personal Training members, so you can enjoy the benefits of a gym near Kallangur without the crowds and judgment. With exclusive access, you can be confident that our community is welcoming and supportive.

Gym Access

Success Stories

Check out the transformations of people just like you. Over the years we’ve seen countless people change their lives forever in so many ways! Will you be our next success story?

Success Stories

Allison Welch

10kgs Lost

"I was always a tubby kid, but Striders has me learning more about my body and health. I am now a healthy weight and can actually see my knee caps. The Trainers are nice people who don’t give up on you even when you feel like you can’t keep going."

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