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Every Group Training session is designed to be adaptable to all ability levels, just ask our friendly Trainers.

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The Sessions


With weight-based exercises that are designed to challenge both Strength and Muscular Endurance, Sculpt will have your muscles looking their best.


Combining high reps and big volume is the best way to trim and tone those stubborn areas. Creative exercises to break the sit-up and squat routine.


Shred is High Intensity Interval Training at its best! Utilising a variety of modes, Shred will continue torching fat long after the workout is done because of the EPOC effect.


Bootcamp is a complete shake up of the cardio you are used to. These sessions are designed for those that aren’t afraid to grit their teeth and push through the pain.


A fantastic mix of sprints, endurance, inclines and full body high intensity exercises. Speed is excellent for those looking to boost their running and lung capacity.


Designed to be perfect for those looking to just get started or those with injuries. Steady can still be a supercharged workout for those willing to push themselves.


BoxStep is our signature combination of Boxing and Aerobic Step work that is designed to focus on speed, strength and core control.


Get social with Stride Club. A brisk walk is an excellent way to increase your calorie burn, stretch the muscles and chat to like minded people.

Group Training Schedule

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Success Stories

Check out the transformations of people just like you. Over the years we’ve seen countless people change their lives forever in so many ways! Will you be our next success story?


Lauren Winkel - 15kg

"I rave about this gym to family and friends and have already accomplished 15KG weight loss in a little over a month. The group classes are exciting and fun and I have now found the motivation to exercise twice a day without it feeling like a chore."

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