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Look great on the outside, feel healthy on the inside

  • I challenge anyone to find a trainer who is more knowledgeable, motivating, attentive and fun to work with. We've received great nutritional advice and have become far more accountable for our own attitudes towards our diet.*

    Kellie and Derek Mountney, down 8 kg and 15 kg

Food you can feel good about

Free nutritional

As well as providing you with an effective exercise program, Striders Personal Training can also help you with your nutritional questions and concerns. After all, we wouldn’t be true Personal Trainers if we lacked the most important knowledge of all, nutrition.

Nutrition contributes to approximately 70% of a great physique. It impacts your energy, your sleep, productivity, mood and overall happiness. If your current diet is not sustaining your lifestyle, or you’re struggling with poor eating habits, we can help!

One-on-one support


Personalised advice


Expert knowledge


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  • Supportive environment

    There is no judgement

    “Striders is fantastic! There is no judgement. You are made to feel important and you are made to feel great about all your achievements. The trainers are so very supportive, caring, and most of all knowledgeable and they genuinely want and are there to help you.*”

    Sharon, down 12 kg

  • Lifelong learning

    I highly recommend Striders

    "Striders are a family orientated, supportive, dedicated and friendly team who take the time to understand their clients. They have a wealth of knowledge in fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing and are passionate about lifelong improvement and learning.*"

    Kalleina Smith

  • Making good choices

    I'm lighter and more toned

    "I can’t thank my trainer enough for the positive improvements he has helped to make in my life and I highly recommend his services to anyone. Through his training and advice, I have the tools and knowledge to make great food choices and feel healthy and alive.*"

    Stacey Turnbull

Fuel your mind

Nourish your body

At Strider’s Personal Training, we believe nutrition is all about enjoying food and nourishing your body. No fad diets or gimmicks. Just real food that’s easy to prepare and good to eat. We understand that weight loss is often as much of a problem on the inside, as it is on the outside. So we approach health and fitness holistically, listening to any questions or concerns you may have. Successful training only happens when there is a strong working relationship between client and trainer.

We can help you:

  • Analyse your current lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Build a positive relationship with food
  • Understand the best types of foods to fuel your body with
  • Set goals and find practical solutions to suit your lifestyle
  • Develop strategies that will help you optimise your health and wellbeing

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