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How to Choose a Personal Trainer That’s Right for You

How to Choose a Personal Trainer That’s Right for You
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We know that sometimes finding the right Personal Trainer can feel like the quest to find your soulmate. And honestly, it can feel just as important!

Just like no one person’s body is the same, so too do each and every personal trainer’s methods differ. Finding the right fit for you is vital to staying motivated, seeing results and building a good rapport. Here are a few top tips on how to find your perfect match!

Do they motivate you?

Motivation is the key to success. A personal trainer should be able to motivate you to push your limits and be the best possible version of you. But this doesn’t mean yelling in your face to run faster, unless being drilled like a cadet works for you. If you respond to quiet encouragement, you’re going to want a personal trainer who is softly spoken, but firmly rallying. If you prefer tough love, you should look for someone who isn’t afraid to call it as they see it. At the end of the day, you want results, not to be cowering in the corner from a roaring PT, or lethargically responding to a quiet voice next to you.

Do they specialise in an area that you want to improve on?

Want to focus on cardio? Or maybe you’re really looking to tone your glutes? Finding a trainer who specialises in the areas that you’re most determined to improve will assist your overall results. They’ll know exactly what exercises to prescribe, what adjustments should be made to your diet, and what equipment you should focus on in your spare time. Don’t be shy! Make sure you ask potential PT what their qualifications are, and what they have the most experience in.

Are they easy to talk to?

You’re going to be spending quite a bit of time with your PT, so you want them to be approachable and easy to converse with. Between all the puffing and huffing involved in your workout, that is. The last thing you want is to feel intimidated and like you are unable to tell your PT when you feel like a particular workout is not working for you. You want someone you can be up front with, who will listen to any of your concerns and take them into account.

Are they affordable?

High prices are not always a guarantee of good service. But at the same time, incredibly cheap PT prices should raise red flags – with questions of whether they hold the correct qualifications. Training with P.T’s who lack up dated knowledge can have you performing dangerous exercises that have been outlawed years ago, such as the full sit up and squats involving hyperflexion of the knees. One final note – it’s important to know whether you are paying for mere workouts or whether you are actually paying for results!

At Striders, we believe that everyone should be able to experience personal training, and that’s why we don’t charge any joining fees or hold you to lock-in contracts. Our personal trainers are all fully qualified, but different when it comes to their approaches and methods.

aCome meet the team, and you can even do a little PT speed dating if you like, to find the right fit for you! You don’t have to worry about feeling out of place at Striders because we welcome all people of all fitness levels. Read more about our personal training services here.

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