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Peta Murphy

30kg down, in 10 months she has gained fitness, strength and has her life back.

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Male Striders Personal Trainer with a smiling female client

Studio: Lawnton | Trainer: Bernard Dolezal

The sky’s the limit

At the age of 53, after two hip replacements, Peta was facing the looming probability of knee replacements. It was a scary thought – knee replacements can put you out of the game for a long time and the recovery period is often very difficult on your friends and family. Peta was not looking forward to it. So, she joined Striders.

“I started training with Striders in July, and ten months later I have my life back. And knee replacements are no longer something I ever think about! I am 30 kgs lighter, much stronger and fitter, and definitely much happier than I have been in many years.”*

I know I will achieve all my fitness goals!

“I cannot recommend Striders highly enough. My trainer has literally turned my life around. His positive, never say never attitude is highly motivating, and he now has me believing that “the sky’s the limit”. With his help I know I WILL achieve all my fitness goals, and that is beyond exciting!

Training at Striders has truly been one of the highlights of my life, and something I will forever be grateful for.”*



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