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5 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Know

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1. The More You Sweat The More Calories You Burn:

Not true! Sweating is a reaction from your body to cool itself down. This has no direct link with the amount of calories burned. Some people are more prone to sweating than others. An effective way to gauge calorie burn rate is to monitor your heart rate. Calorie burn is linear to heart rate…The higher the heart rate the greater the calorie burn.

2. The Longer You Train The More Calories You Burn:

You can train for a long time – or – you can train at a high intensity, but you simply can’t do both. Let’s not forget, “The higher the heart rate the greater the calorie burn.”

3. Running Is A Great Way To Lose Weight:

Unless you are performing interval sprints where you are working at a high intensity, the benefits of running for weight loss really aren’t as great as what some people may believe. While running is good for heart and lung health, long drawn out running places unnecessary stresses on the heart and knees. As well as this, long distance running increases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol which actually promotes fat to be stored around the belly.

4. Eating Less Will Make You Lose Weight:

This is perhaps the most common misconception I hear when it comes to weight loss. Correct portions of healthy, nutritious foods will leave you feeling fuller for longer and gives you the energy to be far more active, thus burning more calories. Starving yourself only leads to a depression in the metabolism which encourages your body to hold onto fat rather than allowing it to be more readily shed.

5. No Pain – No Gain:

I cringe when I hear this one! Many people take this saying to mean you should be pushing through all types of pain when in reality it is only safe to push through the painful feeling of fatigue. Other types of pain are your body’s way of warning you that something is not right. When you experience other types of pain it is crucial to cease the activity immediately and notify your Trainer so that he/she can advise you on safer ways to work around the pain. You aren’t going to burn calories sitting on the sideline, nursing an injury.

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