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How to Find the Ultimate Training Buddy

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Not only is training with a buddy more fun, but they can fast-track your fitness goals and help keep you motivated to lose weight.

But what qualities should a training buddy have? And how do you find one? We’ve got some suggestions that will get you looking in the right places!

What to look for in a training buddy

If you’ve been working out alone and not making headway, then a training buddy could be the answer to share the ups and downs of your fitness journey. If you’re trying to lose weight, a training buddy could be the difference between failure and success. They provide solidarity and support, help you meet your goals and provide you with the momentum to keep going.

If you train alone, studies show the chances of giving up are surprisingly higher. 95% of people are more likely to keep going with a training buddy, compared to 76% of those who don’t have one.

So what should you be looking for? Here’s a checklist of qualities your training buddy should have:

  • Similar fitness goals
  • Can commit to exercising regularly
  • Is enjoyable company
  • Calming or energising presence

If you have a friend that ticks all these boxes, great! But more often than not, friends won’t have the same fitness goals or be as committed to exercising regularly as you are. That’s okay though, they can be an invaluable fountain of encouragement.

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