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Setting Realistic and Achievable New Year’s Goals

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When it comes to fitness, there’s no better feeling than achieving your goals after a long and challenging struggle. But, sticking with your plans, staying determined and being resilient is often a lot easier said than done. We take a look at some useful goal setting tips to help you feel empowered and confident this New Year!

Step 1. Don’t stress about starting right on New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is a public holiday – relax and spend time with your family and friends. People put so much stress on starting their resolutions immediately, but as long as you have a planned date (say, the first Monday of the year) and your determination is still in full swing, you’ll start! We believe in you!

To ensure that you stick with your fabulous new plan, it’s important to set realistic and achievable goals that focus on small steps. For example, promising yourself that you’re going to completely cut out chocolate or potato chips on the 1st of January is not the smartest idea.

The key to change is making small steps, slowly and over a period of time. For example, instead of eating chocolate every day of the week, you could limit yourself to eating it only on the weekends. And then, slowly and steadily, start cutting your portion sizes down until you no longer miss it. There’s a reason why “slow and steady wins the race” is a cliche – because, more often than not, it’s true!

Step 2. Plan it all out

We know this doesn’t sound as sexy as ‘be your best self’, but there’s no reason why you can’t ride the new year high and channel all of your enthusiasm and determination into… making a plan!

Yes, we said making a plan, and lists, and even colour coding if that’s your thing. We promise you’ll get into it once you start, and there’s no better feeling than crossing out or ticking off a milestone from your action plan.

Get yourself a yearly wall planner and pencil in milestones on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If you’re working on losing weight, add a new machine at the gym, or a new exercise into your routine each fortnight to keep things exciting.

Step 3. Revise your plan

Stuff happens. And that’s ok. If you’re going away for a week to attend a work conference, if work is super busy or you fall sick with the flu, you’re going to have to reassess your plan. This might mean taking a few steps back but don’t get disheartened! And don’t overcompensate! Pushing your end goal back a week for the sake of your health is not a huge deal, as long as you stay focused and don’t give up altogether.

Step 4. Celebrate milestones

We’re not talking an all you can eat buffet with three helpings of dessert type of celebration. However, treating yourself to a night out with your friends or a fancy dinner with your partner each time you reach a milestone with your fitness is important. You deserve it! Celebrate your small victories and come July, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make this positive change sooner.

Step 5. Find a motivator

We realise that some days you just want to get home from work, flop on the couch and watch ten episodes of How I Met Your Mother in a row. Finding a motivator is a great way to remind yourself how important achieving this goal is to you.

Your motivator could be a poster on your wall, a song, or if you find yourself particularly struggling – a friend or personal trainer. Whatever works for you, having something to look at, listen to or remember when you’re having an ‘off day’ will help get you back on that horse!

To achieve these goals you’ll need to realistically consider your lifestyle, plan your time and create milestones on a month-by-month basis. What are you waiting for? Get out those pencils and highlighters and start planning!

If you’re looking for professional advice or need help with setting realistic, achievable fitness goals contact us today.

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