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So, You’re Too Old to Exercise Hey?

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Rubbish!… While you are making excuses as to why you are unable to participate in regular physical activity, there are countless people around the world just like you who are enjoying and reaping the great benefits of being physically active. If health is truly important to you then you simply cannot afford to be inactive.

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Physical activity and good nutrition are the first line of defence in the prevention and management of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, dementia and many types of cancers.

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Exercise helps to improve and maintain muscular strength and mobility so that everyday physical activities are less of a task.

Been Physically inactive?

Before springing off the couch and going gung-ho with the activity, it’s important to first visit your general practitioner for a medical clearance. He / She will be able to inform you of certain exercises and activities that may be contraindicated to your current situation.

Progression Steps:

  1. Begin by gradually increasing your level of activity around the home and garden over the next several days
  2. Add a short walk and gradually increase the walking distance with small increments. This is a great activity to add to your exercise routine as not only is walking as natural to the body as breathing is, it’s low impact on the joints
  3. Aim to increase your activity level to 30 minutes of moderate activity, five times per week.

Exercise is great for reducing the pain of arthritis, and improving balance, strength and bone mineral density.

A Striders Personal Trainer

aIf you are still struggling with the motivation to exercise or not sure about exercising safely, a Striders Personal Trainer can help. We are able to adapt fitness programs to suit. For your FREE chat with a trainer contact us today!

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