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How to Clear the Roadblocks to Success

How To Clear The Roadblocks To HERO
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Dreamt of having that great looking athletic physique but find yourself formulating excuses when the time comes to exercise? To help you succeed in achieving that great body transformation, we’ve listed below, 5 common, resounding excuses people use to justify skipping exercise sessions, along with ways to “Combat”  these mental “Roadblock Excuses”. Excuses that are holding you back from moving forward and achieving success:

Roadblock Excuse #1: “I Don’t Have the Time to Exercise”

Combat: I’ll have ample time to exercise if I reduce my time spent doing activities that bring me little to no pay-off, such as watching TV, and playing on Facebook.

Roadblock Excuse #2: “I’m too tired to Exercise”

Combat: I will not sit back and wait until I feel like exercising as this may never happen. I will start small by setting myself 2 x 20 minute exercise times per week and I will adhere to these set times. I will say to myself that I only need do 10 minutes of exercise activity and if I still don’t feel up to it, I can stop. However, I know that once I make the start I’m more likely to want to finish the session.

Roadblock Excuse #3: “I have an injury”

Combat: I know that there are always ways to work around an injury. If I have a lower body injury I’ll simply work my upper body, and if I have an upper body injury I can easily work my lower body.

Roadblock Excuse #4: “I Can’t Afford It”

Combat: If I can afford the less important things in life such as buying takeaway and paid entertainment, I can surely afford to take care of my most important and valuable asset, my body.

Roadblock Excuse #5: “It Bores Me”

Combat: Successful people know that being successful at anything requires a person to do the things that need doing.  Exercise may feel a little boring at times but I know that only doing the things that I want to do brings me nothing great in life.

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