New Year’s Fitness Activities for Beginners

Have you set yourself some fitness goals to smash out in 2017, but feel like you might struggle to complete them? You’re not alone! Many people find sticking to their weight loss goals a challenging task, particularly if they lead busy lives.

Which is why we suggest setting realistic, easily achievable goals and working steadily towards them. Your health and fitness routine should be exactly that – a routine – and one that fits in with the rest of your schedule.

Here are a few simple-yet-effective activities to add to your daily schedule that will help keep off the kg’s you (deservedly) put on over the holidays:

1. Run, run, as fast as you can

Running is one of the best fitness activities for beginners. It works out your entire body, strengthens your joints and helps to release endorphins that make you feel happier!

Squeezing a 30-minute run into your day will do wonders for your health and fitness levels. Whether this means setting your morning alarm just half an hour earlier, or packing your joggers and heading straight to the gym for a treadmill sesh after work – every little bit counts!


2. Other forms of cardio

While running is the most effective form of cardio when it comes to weight loss, there are many others that you can easily fit into your day as well. Power-walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, skipping – whatever works best for you!

Most fitness professionals generally recommend sticking to the 30-minute rule, however, if you can fit in time for multiple cardio workouts a day, go for it. The more, the merrier! Just be aware of your limits and stop if you feel any form of discomfort or pain.


3. Strength training

Finding a few strength training exercises you enjoy and adding them to the end of your cardio workout will help speed up your weight loss/muscle build drastically.

Squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups and planks are all great choices for beginners. Start by doing as many as you can of each (even if it’s just one) and add one more every time.

Always remember to stretch after training to prevent stiffness or sore joints the next day.


4. Weight training

If you’re feeling comfortable enough, add a few weights to your strength training exercises to fasten your results.

Always seek advice from a professional beforehand if you are not sure how to correctly use weights while working out.

Working out in a non-intimidating environment with people who will help and encourage you is another important factor in maintaining fitness goals.

At Striders, we pride ourselves on providing support and assistance to people of all fitness levels. Contact us today for a free consultation session or friendly advice on how to start your fitness routine.

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