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Bob Scheuber

10kg down, so much fitter and stronger since joining Striders.

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Male Striders Personal Trainer with a smiling female client

Studio: Lawnton | Trainer: Bryce Dolezal

It’s a very welcoming environment

When Bob first came to us, his aim – having turned 60 – was to get fitter and stronger as he knew how important it was to his future good health. Being a very tall person, he wanted to keep his core strong to support his frame.

“I originally started at just one session per week and thought that I could improve doing this and a couple of sessions a week on my home gym. Wrong! I needed the experienced guidance of the Striders’ team to guide me down the right track and help me stay there.”*

An environment to feel welcomed, encouraged, and to have fun!

“I do not consider myself a gym junkie, but I now do three sessions a week and have used the space at home since I removed the gym equipment. I am so much fitter and stronger since joining Striders, and if you’re wanting to improve your fitness (however you might define that), I strongly recommend you book an appointment. I have never regretted my decision to join Striders Personal Training, Lawnton.”*



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